Brake Duct (Pair No Fin Version)


The brake duct funnels air from the highest pressure area of the car and allows for 3-inch ducting to be routed to the brakes or engine inlet. Subaru Impreza popularity as a race car has grown increasingly since its introduction in 1993. More and more GC body Imprezas are finding their way onto the track and this usage has exposed a number of weaknesses, particularly the brake systems.

This is a 3D printed part made of ABS plastic. Unless otherwise requested the part will be printed in black ABS. This is for a pair of ducts to fit both left and right side of the car.

The brake duct has a 3-inch OD tube and hose barb such that a 3-inch hose can be easily attached. This is conveniently sized to match RooDuct's intermediate brake duct systems and common intake systems.

The duct will be shipped to you as-is from the 3d printer. There will be visible build lines from the 3D printer and surface roughness from printing supports and rafts. For a showcar finish the part will need sanding and/or bondo fill. The part will bolt directly into the stock foglight opening, but material will need to be removed from the radiator support for duct clearance.

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